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A Diet Plan for Marketers

June 8, 2011 2 comments

Well, I hope you enjoyed my previous blog and that you learned something that not only will help keep your shoes tied longer (way longer – I tried this out during a soccer tournament over Memorial Day weekend, no double knots, and no loose shoe laces…amazing) but will also help you find new perspectives that will improve your marketing strategies and tactics.

In true form of relating seemingly unrelated topics to marketing, I have once again taken inspiration from my iPhone (actually, an app called “MyFitnessPal”) to draw a link between losing weight and marketing. After reading this, I hope you agree this really is a “diet plan for marketers”.

Diet Plan for Marketers

Step 1: Get a Management Tool (CRM/ERP, the revenue marketing equivalent to calorie counters)

Step 2: Set a Goal and Benchmarks (for your Revenue generation, the revenue marketing equivalent to weight loss)

Step 3: Execute the Plan (Demand generation, the revenue marketing equivalent to a workout and eating plan)

Step 4: Record Progress (Campaign-level lead generation progress, the revenue marketing equivalent to a diet diary)

Step 5: Post-plan Assessment (Plan-level assessment of meeting revenue goals, the revenue marketing equivalent to achieving your weight loss goal – single metric of success).

The Genesis

It all started with my decision to join (actually re-join) a gym to try to shed a few extra pounds before too much pool time passes me by. I figured if I was going to really get serious about this, I needed to have a tool that I could use to help me set goals and manage a plan (step 1, for marketing too, right?). So, I downloaded “MyFitnessPal” for my iPhone. Now that I have the tool, I needed to set a goal and benchmarks for my weight loss (Step 2, sounds like a marketing plan to me). After setting a goal and benchmarks, I started with developed my workout and eating plan (I know you are seeing the pattern here…Step 3, marketing execution). After each day, I record my calorie intake and my workout results, determining if I met my daily goal (Step 4, let’s call each day a “campaign” and consider this step “Recording Progress”). The true test of how well each day went was when I get on the scale at the end of my scheduled program to check my weight (Step 5, this is the final assessment of the plan – results reporting).

What I Gained (insight, not weight!)

After doing this a few days, I starting realizing that I am managing my weight loss just like I manage my Revenue Marketing plan. Ah, revenue marketing. There’s the connection. The path to losing weight is the same path to generating revenue through marketing! See, I told you there was a connection (though I knew you were on to me anyway).

What You Need

The great thing about revenue marketing is that it is easy to show success, as long as you have a plan and the right tools, tactics, and monitoring systems in place. As an employee of SAP, I hope you will oblige me a quick, shameless plug for the SAP software that helps small and medium-size businesses do just this – SAP® All-in-One ERP, SAP® CRM and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence. Check it out.


For those who are looking for more conventional descriptions of revenue marketing, SiriusDecisions has great information on strategies for revenue marketing and how companies are implementing this. You can also check out the Pedowitz Group Revenue Marketing Blog for ideas and additional examples of revenue marketing. So, who’s in this with me?

I’ll Close With This

It’s best to have accountability partners when you embark on a diet plan (and revenue marketing plan), so pick somebody that you can trust will keep you to your revenue marketing plan (I’m sure your boss will be happy to be your accountability partner :-)). I hope to hear from you all about your weight loss (around the waist) and weight gain (in the revenue pocketbook)!

photo: property of The Pedowitz Group